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  • Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale Watching in Britain and Europe (Second Edition)
    Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale… by Mark Carwardine

    Whales, dolphins and porpoises are among the world's most mysterious and beautiful animals, and there are many opportunities to see them in the seas around Europe. This comprehensive and authoritative guide covers everything you need to know about where, when and how to watch them.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Mark Carwardine's Ultimate Wildlife Experiences
    Mark Carwardine's Ultimate Wildlife… by Mark Carwardine

    For 30 years Mark has travelled the globe in search of its most remarkable wildlife encounters. Now, for the first time he has distilled a lifetime's experience into the ultimate travel wishlist for wildlife aficionados. It is a personal selection of the wildlife hotspots that have made the greatest impact on him over the years. Colour photographs, 132pp. 2012

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Last Chance to See in the Footsteps of Douglas Adams
    Last Chance to See in the Footsteps of… by Mark Carwardine

    Stephen Fry, follows in his great friend Douglas Adams' footsteps with zoologist Mark Carwardine, in search of some of the rarest and most threatened animals on earth. Colour photographs, 320pp. 2009

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now

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