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  • The Nature of Japan
    The Nature of Japan by Mark Brazil

    Long isolated from the neighbouring Asian continent lies a seemingly inscrutable, but fascinating island chain. The Japanese Archipelago is a treasure trove of natural wonders, ranging from coral reefs and tropical fish to sea-ice and fur seals. Lt rises to alpine meadows home to high altitude butterflies and birds, and falls through rich waters to one of the deepest ocean trenches in the world. It is washed by great ocean currents, one cold from the north, one warm from the south, which connect Japan to the Bering Sea and the tropical Pacific.

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  • Helm Field Guides; Birds of East Asia, Eastern China ,Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Eastern Russia
    Helm Field Guides; Birds of East Asia,… by Mark Brazil

    Covers over 985 regularly occuring species. Authoritative, up to date text covers all aspects of field identification.

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  • The Whooper Swan
    The Whooper Swan by Mark Brazil

    The Whooper Swan has the most extensive range of all the world's seven swan species, and to people in many nations it is the 'archetypical swan species'. The species is also strongly migratory, and the annual appearance of 'bigling' flocks herald seasonal change and have inspired numerous myths and tales.003

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