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  • A Guide to Plant Galls in Britain
    A Guide to Plant Galls in Britain by Margaret Redfern, Peter Shirley


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  • British Plant Galls
    British Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern, Peter Shirley

    Gall identification is the main aim of this title and it includes approximately 300 keys to galls on plants in Britain. Every effort has been made to keep technical terms to a minimum and to explain them when they are used, thereby making the keys easier to use. B/w illustrations, 8 plates, 432pp. 2nd updated and revised edition 2011

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  • Collins New Naturalist; Plant Galls
    Collins New Naturalist; Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern

    by Margaret Redfern

    Most naturalists have come across the familiar examples such as oak apples, robin's pincushions, marble galls and witches' broom. The author explores these fascinating complexities providing insight into the variety of galls, of different types caused by a wide range of organisms including fungi, insects and mites. Discusses their ecology and focuses on communities of organisms within galls, the evolution and distribution, and human and historical perspectives.


    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now

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