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  • Why the Cheetah Cheats; And Other Mysteries of the Natural World
    Why the Cheetah Cheats; And Other… by Lewis Smith

    A fascinating overview of recent research on the animal world. Examples of animal behaviour include new research on the promiscuity of female as well as male cheetahs. Almost every cheetah litter has two or more fathers, the benefits are that their cubs are more genetically diverse and the chance of the young being killed by adult males is reduced. The animal world is revealing more of its long kept secrets every day, helping us better understand the world in which we live. Colour photographs, 240pp. 2009

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  • Why the Lion Grew its Mane: A Miscellany of Recent Scientific Discoveries from Astronomy to Zoology
    Why the Lion Grew its Mane: A… by Lewis Smith

    A leopard that changed its spots, a substance just one atom thick, an invisible cloak and a creature that sees with its feet. They all sound too far fetched to be true but are in fact just some of the recent discoveries from the real life world of science. In clear straightforward language this book offers a lively anthology of discoveries; Neanderthal menus, giant dragonflies, exploding stars and much more. Colour photographs, 256pp. 2007

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