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  • Orang-utans: Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation
    Orang-utans: Behaviour, Ecology and… by Junaidi Payne, Cede Prudente

    An informative and compelling description of the lives or orang-utans, from their habitat and behaviour to the differences between wild and captive creatures. The complex intricacies of orang-utan society and culture are revealed, along with characteristics of age and sex. Features information on orang-utan conservation and rehabilitation, including threats to their welfare and strategies for safeguarding them in the future.

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
    A FIELD GUIDE TO THE MAMMALS OF BORNEO by Junaidi Payne, Charles M Francis
    Notes on identification, trapping, distribution and conservation with descriptions of 221spp recorded in Borneo of which 92 are bats. Colour plates, line drawings, guide to footprints, gazetteer, 332pp. 1985
    Paperback £27.00 Buy Now

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