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  • Moult, Ageing and Sexing of Finnish Owls (Suomen Pollojen Sulkasadon, Ian Ja Sukupuolen Maaritysopas)
    Moult, Ageing and Sexing of Finnish… by Heimo Mikkola, Jouni Lamminmaki

    In today's modern world the study of plumage, moult, ageing and sexing is highly important for both professional and 'amateur' birdwatchers and ringers. To be able to recognize the colour and shape of different feather generations is the key to age the owls. In this book the authors have explored how and to what extent these colour and moult patterns can be used for ageing the owls in the field. As it is also difficult to sex many owl species, the authors try to give most practical measurements and colour differences to be used in sexing all 13 European and Finnish owl species.

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