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  • Photo Guide to Wildflowers of South Africa
    Photo Guide to Wildflowers of South… by John Manning

    This countrywide guide includes nearly 900 of the most common and conspicuous wildflowers that occur in South Africa and the neigbouring countries of Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Colour photographs, distribution maps, 352pp. Revised edition 2012

    Paperback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa
    Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South… by John Manning

    This guide covers 1100 species, focusing on the most common, conspicuous and showy plants from the various habitats. Provides common names where applicable. Colour photographs, distribution maps, 488pp. 2009

    Paperback £17.99 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to Fynbos
    Field Guide to Fynbos by John Manning, Colin Paterson-Jones

    The southwestern Cape is home to one of the world's richest floras. From an estimated 7,000 species of true fynbos, this guide covers over 1,000 species of this flora, focusing on the most common and conspicuous. Each species, with common name if known, is accompanied by a photograph, distribution map, comparisons with similar species where applicable and notes on traditional uses, 508pp. 2008

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  • Nieuwoudtville; Bokkeveld Plateau & Hantam. South African Wild Flower Guide 9
    Nieuwoudtville; Bokkeveld Plateau &… by John Manning, Peter Goldblatt

    Situated 350km north of Cape Town, the Bokkeveld Plateau can truly claim to be one of the world's most exciting wild flower areas. The spring displays of annuals, shrubs and geophytes are unsurpassed for their beauty and diversity. Colour photographs, 204pp. 2007 reprint

    Paperback £24.95 Buy Now

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