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  • The Birds of Ireland: A Field Guide
    The Birds of Ireland: A Field Guide by Jim Wilson, Mark Carmody

    This field guide covers over 260 species in an easy, quick reference format. With eight to fifteen images per species, the key identification features of each bird are shown, with concise descriptions and pointers to indicate important features.

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  • Freshwater Birds of Ireland
    Freshwater Birds of Ireland by Jim Wilson, Mark Carmody

    Profiles the broad range of birds that can be observed eating, drinking and washing on river and canal banks, reservoirs, ponds and lakes. Includes the elegant crested grebe which feeds feathers to its chicks to aid digestion, moorhens, three of which may lay eggs in one nest and may raise two or three broods a year, Irish snipe found on wet ground, and many more.


    - £17.99 Buy Now
  • Shorebirds of Ireland
    Shorebirds of Ireland by Jim Wilson

    by Jim Wilson

    photography Mark Carmody

    Shorebirds live between the tides on mudflats and shingle, in estuaries and lagoons, on beaches and bays. This title describes how they adapted to this often harsh environment and how they evolved ways of exploiting the food supply.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now

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