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  • Green Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe
    Green Guide to Birds of Britain and… by Jim Flegg

    Please note, this is a reissue of Green Guide: Birds of Britain and Europe, formerly on the natural history list of New Holland publishers. Bloomsbury Green Guides are portable handbooks to the most commonly found species in Britain and Europe. With their diversity of form, colour, behaviour and song, birds are an endless source of fascination, but telling apart the different thrushes, finches, wagtails, warblers, tits and terns often stumps novices. The Green Guide to Birds makes identifying them easy for beginners and amateur naturalists alike.


    PAPERBACK £6.99 Buy Now
  • Watching Birds
    Watching Birds by James Fisher, Jim Flegg

    Watching Birds has been an introduction and an item of basic equipment to tens of thousands of birdwatcherssince 1974.

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • Collins Gem Birds
    Collins Gem Birds by Jim Flegg

    Will help identify 230 species of European birds.

    Paperback £5.99 Buy Now
  • Time to Fly: Exploring Bird Migration
    Time to Fly: Exploring Bird Migration by Jim Flegg

    This British Trust for Ornithology title takes the reader around Britain and Ireland, emphasising the position of these islands at the centre of a complex pattern of international flyways, with links to South America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Explains how and why birds migrate and new maps help to unravel the mysteries of bird migration. If you want to know where all your Redwings come from in November, why you see more female Chaffinches than males or where House Martins spend the winter, then this is the book for you.

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • Birds of Britain and Europe (Photographic Field Guide)20% OFF
    Birds of Britain and Europe… by Jim Flegg, David Hosking

    A comprehensive guide which describes & illustrates over 430 species. Colour photos, maps, 256pp, 2002 edition

    Paperback £7.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now

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