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  • Woodland (Jr) Wildlife Discovery Pack
    Woodland (Jr) Wildlife Discovery Pack by Fiona MacGillivray

    A basic format pack for younger children, focusing their enthusiasm on the more seasonal aspects of woodland exploitation. The 'eye-spy' cards provide information and identification for the more obvious woodland creatures and plants throughout the seasons. Tree leaf bingo provides a fun way to explore and identify trees and there are lots of fun and creative ideas on how to discover more about woodland wildlife.

    - £5.99 Buy Now
  • Deciduous Woodland Wildlife Discovery Pack
    Deciduous Woodland Wildlife Discovery… by Fiona MacGillivray

    Contains identification guides for trees, winter twigs, seeds and fruits, spring flowers, birds, animals, fungi and lichens and tracks and signs. Also an instruction guide, colouring poster and dry wipe pen.

    - £9.95 Buy Now
  • The Seashore Wildlife Discovery Pack
    The Seashore Wildlife Discovery Pack by Fiona MacGillivray

    Perfect for seashore ambles and rock-pool glazing. Contains an instruction guide plus 3 waterproof, laminated identification charts.

    - £4.75 Buy Now
  • The Town, Park and Garden Wildlife Discovery Pack
    The Town, Park and Garden Wildlife… by Fiona MacGillivray

    Includes a 16 page colour booklet, 5 laminated eye-spy activity cards, A3 colouring-in poster, magnifying glass and dry-wipe pen.

    - £8.00 Buy Now

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