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  • Riding with the Dolphins: The Equinox Guide to Dolphins and Porpoises89% OFF
    Riding with the Dolphins: The Equinox… by Erich Hoyt

    Erich Hoyt brings us up to date on the lastest dolphin research answering and asking questions about the future of their threatened habitat social lives innovative feeding behaviours and their ability to learn from and communicate with humans. Colour photographs 64pp 1992

    Hardback £1.00 RRP: £9.95Buy Now
  • SEASONS OF THE WHALE: Riding the Currents of the North Atlantic
    SEASONS OF THE WHALE: Riding the… by Erich Hoyt
    A chronicle of a year in the life of around a dozen humpback right and blue whales as they move through their migration and breeding cycles in the North Atlantic Ocean. In their travels they encounter both predator and prey, toxic waste, oil slicks and fishing nets and their activities are recorded in more than 75 colour photographs, 104pp. 1990
    Hardback £8.00 Buy Now

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