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  • Raptors; A Field Guide to Survey and Monitoring
    Raptors; A Field Guide to Survey and… by Jon Hardey et al.

    This title is aimed at people who watch, survey and monitor raptors. Provides detailed descriptions of survey methods for all species of raptor which regularly occur in Britain and Ireland. Photographic guides to raptor feathers and the growth of raptor chicks are important additions to this edition. Includes a CD-ROM containing raptor calls.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Tundra Plovers: The Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers and Grey Plover
    Tundra Plovers: The Eurasian, Pacific… by Ingvar Byrkjedal, Des Thompson

    A review of plovers of the Pluvialis species of both the New and Old Worlds. The book examines the taxonomy, appearance, behaviour, ecology and conservation of Grey and Golden Plovers and contrasts their natural history and biogeography.

    Hardback £60.00 Buy Now

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