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  • On Sparrows and Man
    On Sparrows and Man by J Denis Summers-Smith

    As a result of the sparrows association with man it has become the most sucessful alien avian colonist but recently is in serious deline in urban areas in northwest Europe. The author speculates on the possible reasons underlying the decline. Although we do not know the cause it is almost certain we are in some way responsible. This book is not only for birdwatchers, but also for anyone interested in our natural environment.

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  • In Search of Sparrows
    In Search of Sparrows by Denis Summers-Smith

    Following his successful and authoritative monograph on sparrows in 1988, here, Denis Summers-Smith tells the other, human, side of the tale.

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  • The Sparrows
    The Sparrows by Denis Summers-Smith

    Denis Summers-Smith first took up the study of the House Sparrow in 1947, thinking that the difficulties of travel in post-war Britain would best suit the study of a species always close at hand. The humble House Sparrow, common everywhere, was surprisingly poorly researched and his work soon provided interesting insights into this successful and adaptable little bird. As new opportunities to travel opened up, his interest blossomed to take in the genus Passer as a whole. The author's own photographs and delightful cartoons by Euan Dunn further paint the picture of this lifelong search.

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now

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