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  • Algarve Wildlife - The Natural Year
    Algarve Wildlife - The Natural Year by Clive Viney, Ray Tipper

    Away from the coastal hotspots is a seldom-seen Algarve - one of peaceful woodlands, flower-filled meadows and quiet river valleys all teeming with fascinating wildlife, from beautiful birds and butterflies to the more elusive chameleon and mongoose.

    Hardback £22.50 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Hong Kong and South China
    The Birds of Hong Kong and South China by Clive Viney et al.

    An extremely useful and well illustrated guide. High Wycombe Provides identification of birds to be found not only in Hong Kong but also on visits to adjacent parts of China. Contains details of birding sites plus good maps of Mai Po Nature Reserve. 8th edition.

    Paperback £49.99 Buy Now

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