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  • Garden Bugs and Beasties
    Garden Bugs and Beasties by Rebecca Farley-Brown

    Head down your garden and peer amongst the flowers, grasses and plant pots, and you will find an amazing range of little creatures. From shieldbugs to slugs and snails, from froghoppers to flower beetles, this new fold-out chart covers some of the commonest little animals you will find in the garden.

    8 page fold out laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now
  • Guide to the Common Seashells of Britain and Ireland30% OFF
    Guide to the Common Seashells of… by Chris Shields

    Covers common seashells found around the shores of Britain and Ireland. Includes both the bivalves (including mussels, cockles, scallops, razor shells, oysters, venus shells and others) and the gastropds (including topshells, periwinkles, limpets, cowries and whelks). Accompanying text gives more information about how to identify each type of shell. Illustration type: Colour illustrations. 2013

    Chart £2.10 RRP: £3.00Buy Now
  • ID Chart - Guide to British Owls
    ID Chart - Guide to British Owls by Chris Shields, Thomas Leanne

    This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of British Owls covers the five resident species of owls in Britain.

    Laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now
  • ID Chart - Ladybirds
    ID Chart - Ladybirds by Michael Majerus et al.

    This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of Ladybirds has been created in collaboration with the UK Ladybird Survey, which aims to facilitate the recording of all of the UK's ladybirds.

    Laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now

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