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  • Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography40% OFF
    Wildlife Photographer: A Course in… by Chris Gomersall

    Chapters on subjects such as Space, Light, Time and Developing with examples, advice, and suggestions for projects and exercises. Also sixteen case studies, where the author describes how he achieved some of his most outstanding images.

    Hardback £14.99 RRP: £25.00Buy Now
  • Go Wild With Your Camera: How to Take Stunning Wildlife Images
    Go Wild With Your Camera: How to Take… by Peter Cairns et al.

    by Peter Cairns / Chris Gomersall / Mark Hamblin

    Expert and detailed advice provided to help you take stunning wildlife images either out in the wild or in your own back garden. Practical tips and tricks to creat beautiful wildlife images, sweeping panoramas and cascading rivers. Jargon Buster - understand the essential photographic terms and their meaning. From pixel to print - how to get the most from your captured images.

    DVD £19.99 Buy Now
  • Wildlife Photography Masterclass: A Beginner's Guide to Wildlife Photography
    Wildlife Photography Masterclass: A… by Chris Gomersall, David Tipling

    Sets out clearly the pros and cons of compact cameras, digiscoping, and digital SLRs with their various lens options. Aimed at the beginner, the discussion focuses mainly on the small to medium range lenses rather than the more expensive, heavyweight telephotos and discusses what can and cannot be achieved with the various options in this range.

    DVD £19.99 Buy Now

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