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  • Pondweeds of Great Britain and Ireland (BSBI Handbook No. 8)
    Pondweeds of Great Britain and Ireland… by C D Preston

    21spp of Potamogeton and 26 hybrids are described most being illustrated and mapped as well as the one species of Groenlandia and two of Ruppia. The illustrations include habit drawings and details of leaves, stems and stipules and where appropriate of inflorescences fruits and turions. Keys to all taxa and to the species and the commonest hybrids are included. 350pp. 1995

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  • British Red Data Books; Mosses and Liverworts
    British Red Data Books; Mosses and… by J M Church et al.

    Due to the mainly warm and wet climate, Britian offers ideal conditions for bryophytes, with more than 1,000 species of mosses and liverworts. Many of the rarest and most beautiful are under threat and it is these species documented in this book, with details of their distribution, ecology, threats and conservation requirements.

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