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  • BALD EAGLES: Their Life and Behavior in North America
    BALD EAGLES: Their Life and Behavior in… by Art Wolfe, Donald F Bruning
    This world famous wildlife photographer has produced over 100 superb full-colour photos illustrating all aspects of the Bald Eagle's natural history each accompanied by authoritative text by Donald Bruning. 160pp 1997
    Paperback £21.50 Info
  • MIGRATIONS: Wildlife in Motion
    MIGRATIONS: Wildlife in Motion by Barbara Sleeper, Art Wolfe
    This is the ninth title in The Earthsong Collection a series of award-winning books celebrating life on earth. The book is a breathtaking collection of photographs by a world-class photographer in which he illustrates in full colour the movements of animals across the globe each seeking habitat security in which to play out their lives. Text by Barbara Sleeper. 167pp 1994 Beyond Words
    Hardback £50.00 Info

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