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  • Seabirds, a Natural History (Poyser Monograph)
    Seabirds, a Natural History (Poyser… by Anthony J Gaston

    This title takes an in depth look at the lives of the world's true seabirds who spend much of their lives foraging at sea. The variety of ways in which they are adapted to exploit the marine environment, in balance with the need to breed on land, is astoundingly diverse. The various problems of being a bird that forages at sea, and the array of solutions provided by evolution, are the theme of this title.

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  • The Ancient Murrelet: A Natural History in the Queen Charlotte Islands
    The Ancient Murrelet: A Natural History… by Anthony J Gaston

    Breeding along the northern Pacific coast from British Columbia to Japan, this little known bird dwelt in relative obscurity until it became the focus of a conservation debate which has resulted in a new National Park in the Queen Charlotte Islands, where half the world's population breeds. It made the headlines again when a lost, lone bird suddenly appeared at Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, England, in May 1990 and again in April 1991. Tony Gaston has carried out the only detailed study of the bird, in the fine mature coastal forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands. His work has revealed their complex social behaviour, the song behaviour of the males and the species' response to the variety of predators which they face - from Peregrines to Deer Mice. His story is set against a survey of the species worldwide and the grandeur of the northwest Pacific coast.

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