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  • BEETLES OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND Volume 1 Sphaeriusidae to Silphidae
    BEETLES OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND Volume 1… by Andrew Duff
    A new identification guide to the Coleoptera of the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The first comprehensive account of British beetles since Joy's A Practical Handbook of British Beetles. B/w illustrations, 496pp. 2012 edition with corrections to the colour balance on some of the plates
    Hardback £89.00 Buy Now
    MAMMALS OF THE WORLD: A Checklist by Andrew Duff, Ann Lawson
    The authors have undertaken an exhaustive analysis of the literature in this rapidly changing field, incorporating the very latest advances in taxonomy and including all newly described species - from cetaceans to insectivores. The result is the most up to date fully researched list and exceeds 5,000 species. English and scientific names and brief summary of every species, 312pp. 2004
    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now

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