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  • Trogons, Laughing Falcons and other Neotropical Birds
    Trogons, Laughing Falcons and other… by Alexander F Skutch

    Looks at the lifetime dedication of an expert naturalist who for seventy years has studied birds in tropical America, from Mexico to Peru and Venezuela. Includes unpublished observations on Neotropical birds, plus accounts published long ago in journals not now widely available.

    Paperback £32.75 Buy Now
  • Life of the Flycatcher
    Life of the Flycatcher by Alexander F Skutch

    This renowned New World ornithologist draws upon his own wide experience & observations to create this detailed account of the flycatcher family.

    Paperback £37.95 Buy Now
  • Antbirds and Ovenbirds: Their Lives and Homes
    Antbirds and Ovenbirds: Their Lives and… by Alexander F Skutch

    The author draws on years of observations in Central America to present a detailed account of the life cycle of these two families describing food and foraging, daily life, voice, displays and courtship, nests and incubation, and parental care.

    Hardback £41.00 Buy Now

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