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Travel & Maps - Snorkeling & Diving

  • Below Freezing: An Antarctic Dive Guide
    Below Freezing: An Antarctic Dive Guide by Lisa Eareckson Trotter

    This is the first and only dive guide to the Antarctic. Until recently this was the exclusive realm of scientific and military divers, but is now become the extreme destination for recreational divers wishing to explore beyond the conventional. It details 27 sites on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. It is packed with information of the strange marine life of these waters, which remain at a temperature of 1⁰C (29⁰F) throughout the year.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs of Norbert Wu
    Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs… by Norbert Wu

    A collection of wonderful underwater colour photographs taken all over the world from the Arctic seas the Great Barrier Reef Borneo to Australasia & the seas off Baja Mexico. Text by the photographer 252pp 1994 Hugh Lauter Levin

    Hardback £40.00 Buy Now
  • Caribbean Diving Guide
    Caribbean Diving Guide by Kurt Amsler

    Introduces the reader to 36 dives considered to be the finest in the entire Caribbean area. Includes brief descriptions of the fish typically encountered in these waters and contains many items of practical importance. Covers Florida Keys, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize, Dutch and French Antilles, Honduras and Cuba. Colour photographs, diagrams, 168pp. 1996

    Paperback £16.95 Buy Now
  • Dive: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao
    Dive: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao -

    Comprehensive coverage which includes location, access, conditions, depth, marine life and conservation. Also information on health and safety and emergency contacts. Colour photographs, maps, 176pp. 2nd edition 2007

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • A Guide to the Seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands: Mangroves, Seagrasses & Seaweeds
    A Guide to the Seashores of Eastern… -

    Identification sheet from 'A Guide to the Seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands' Waterproof double sided with colour illustrations

    Chart £5.25 Buy Now
  • The Diver's Handbook
    The Diver's Handbook by Alan Mountain

    Packed with indispensable information on all aspects of snorkelling and scuba diving, from training and equipment to photography and conservation. 500 colour photographs, 160pp

    Hardback £17.99 Buy Now

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