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Special Offers

This page lists all our current titles on special offer.

  • The Blue50% OFF
    The Blue by UNESCO

    Limited edition published in conjunction with UNESCO to celebrate our planet's oceans. Features work from some of the greatest underwater photographers and ocean writers such as David Bellamy, Jean Michel-Cousteau, Buzz Aldrin and Sylvia Earle.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £39.99Buy Now
  • Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Sea Cliffs and Islands87% OFF
    Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Sea Cliffs… by Dominic Couzens, John Wyatt

    This tape contains the songs of birds that you can expect to hear near sea cliffs and on islands, helped by an expert commentary.

    Cassette £0.25 RRP: £1.99Buy Now
  • Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Heaths and Moors87% OFF
    Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Heaths and… by Dominic Couzens, John Wyatt

    This tape contains the songs of birds that you can expect to hear in heaths and moors, helped by an expert commentary.

    Cassette £0.25 RRP: £1.99Buy Now
  • Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Rivers and Wet Meadows87% OFF
    Teach Yourself Bird Sounds: Rivers and… by Dominic Couzens, John Wyatt

    This tape contains the songs of birds that you can expect to hear in wet meadows and rivers, helped by an expert commentary.

    Cassette £0.25 RRP: £1.99Buy Now
  • Flowers of the Forest: Plants and People in the New Forest National Park60% OFF
    Flowers of the Forest: Plants and… by Clive Chatters

    by Clive Chatters

    The New Forest has strong populations of many special wildflowers because it retains a living tradition of free ranging domestic animals grazing its coast land, extensive commons and village greens. It explores how the wildlife of the Forest is the natural expression of the lives and economy of the people of the Forest.

    The book goes into detail and describes over 100 species of the rare flowering plants and ferns, accounts of the people who have explored the Forest from the early 17th century to the present and provides an account of Forest conservation issues by someone who has participated in Forest life for over twenty years.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £24.99Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the Wildlife of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia13% OFF
    A Field Guide to the Wildlife of the… by Ian Strange

    Since the explosion of wild-life tourism, the Falkland Islands have become a popular destination for cruises from the American continents and flights from the United Kingdom. This guide provides reading for those visitors, as well as a reference work for the islanders and indeed anyone interested in wildlife.

    Hardback £12.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • The Royal Horticultural Society; Birdwatcher's Notebook22% OFF
    The Royal Horticultural Society;… by RHS

    The perfect companion for every birdwatcher. Plenty of lined and blank pages for recording what you saw and when. Also provides some tips to get the most out of your birdwatching.

    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £8.99Buy Now
  • Heron Conservation50% OFF
    Heron Conservation by James A Kushlan, Heinz Hafner

    In the 15 years since the publication of 'The Herons Handbook' there has been a tremendous increase in our knowledge of heron conservation requirements. This book provides a comprehensive update on the status and conservation needs of herons and are presented on a regional basis. The very latest census and survey results provide the most up to date and detailed picture of heron populations currently available. As concern about the future of wetland habitat increases the local status of heron populations may reflect the success or failure of conservation action in wetlands.

    Paperback £22.50 RRP: £45.00Buy Now
  • Wildlife Travel25% OFF
    Wildlife Travel by William Gray

    The author has spent over 25 years tracking down the world's best wildlife experiences. In Footprint's Wildlife Travel, he shares these encounters, taking you on a global safari. From whale-watching in North America to camping on an African safari and tracking tigers in India.

    Wildlife Travel will help you plan and enjoy the best of the world's wildlife adventures, enabling you to get closer than you ever imagined to the world's greatest wildlife.

    Paperback £14.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Birds in Wales 1992-200053% OFF
    Birds in Wales 1992-2000 by Jonathan Green
    Summarises the occurrence of all species recorded in Wales during this period with peak counts at the main sites, ringing recovery data and population estimates.
    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £14.95Buy Now
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Guide to Birds of North America: Version 397% OFF
    The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Guide… by Peter Thayer, David J Diehl

    Features all 930 birds ever seen in the US or Canada (excluding Hawaii). Minimum system requirements: windows 98, Me, 2000 Pro or XP; Pentium 233 processor or equivalent; 64 MB RAM; 16x CD-ROM drive; 30 MB on hard drive; plus hardware and software required to support multimedia applications. Some features require an Internet connection. 2,683 colour photographs and songs for 711spp. 2001


    Please check carefully that this software will be compatible with your computer's operating system.

    CD-ROM £1.00 RRP: £49.95Buy Now
  • Ponds, Pools and Rockeries: Over Twenty Easy-to-Build Projects for a Beautiful Garden37% OFF
    Ponds, Pools and Rockeries: Over Twenty… by Penny Swift, Janek Szymanowski

    Transform your garden with water features, establish wildlife ponds and design streams, waterfalls and fountains.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • Herons of North America50% OFF
    Herons of North America by James Hancock

    As graceful predators of swamps, wetlands and lake margins, herons are a portrait symbol of wild free places and grandeur of the natural world. In words and photographs the author gives a reference and guide to the lives of these birds and, sadly, their endangered habitats.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Wrens, Dippers and Thrashers43% OFF
    Wrens, Dippers and Thrashers by David Brewer

    First comprehensive guide to these three closely related families. Covers 75 wrens, 34 thrashers and 5 dippers almost all of which are New World species. Illustration type: 32 Colour Plates, Maps, 272pp. 2001

    Hardback £19.95 RRP: £35.00Buy Now
  • Tiger Haven54% OFF
    Tiger Haven by Billy Arjan Singh

    The story of the author's attempts to protect Indian wildlife in one small area of Uttar Pradesh. He includes accounts of his observations and describes how his attitude has changed over the years from that of a farmer and sportsman to photographer and conservationist. Illustration type: Halftones, 242pp. 1999

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £10.99Buy Now
  • Birdwatching (Collins Need to Know?)22% OFF
    Birdwatching (Collins Need to Know?) by Rob Hume

    The perfect beginner's guide to observing and identifying the birds you are most likely to see in your garden and in the wild. Information on size, distinguishing features, seasonal changes and habitat. Colour photograhs, 191pp. 2005

    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £8.99Buy Now
  • Marine Mammals of Patagonia and Antarctica34% OFF
    Marine Mammals of Patagonia and… by Ricardo Bastida, Diego Rodriguez

    This area of Argentine coast south of the Rio Negro is famous for the spring residency of the Southern Right Whale and the occurrence of Orca. Washed by the north cold currents which emanate from Antarctic waters, the coast is host to a variety of large whales which pass through en route from the deep south to spend the winter in the tropics. Identifies 47 species of whales, dolphins and seals. Colour photographs and illustrations, maps. 206pp. 2005 edition

    Paperback £14.99 RRP: £22.95Buy Now
  • Birds (Cusco Field Guide)69% OFF
    Birds (Cusco Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that folds to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Featuring the most common birds of Huacarpay Lake, the Urubamba Valley and surrounding areas of Cusco.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Birds (Tumbesian Region Field Guide)69% OFF
    Birds (Tumbesian Region Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that folds to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Featuring 50 birds of Western Ecuador and Northwestern Peru.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Birds (Villa Wetlands Field Guide)69% OFF
    Birds (Villa Wetlands Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that folds to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Featuring the most common birds of Villa Wetlands Reserve zone.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Birds (Cusco Field Guide)69% OFF
    Birds (Cusco Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that fold to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Featuring the most common birds of Montane Forests (Polylepis forest and Cloud Forest) of Cusco.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Birds (Tambopata Field Guide)69% OFF
    Birds (Tambopata Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that fold to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Features the most common birds of Posada Amazonas and surrounding area.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Parrots (Tambopata Field Guide)69% OFF
    Parrots (Tambopata Field Guide) -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that fold to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Features 20 parrot and macaw species recorded by the Tambopata Research Center.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Bolivia 1994; 20th July to 20th September85% OFF
    Bolivia 1994; 20th July to 20th September by Jon Hornbuckle

    Information on travel, accommodation & weather followed by itinerary and details of ten sites. Speciality section with a systematic list of birds and list of mammals seen. Includes an April 1996 update and maps.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £7.00Buy Now
  • Birdwatching in Brazil; October 199680% OFF
    Birdwatching in Brazil; October 1996 by Erik Molgaard, Ulrik Andersen

    Introduction, itinerary and bird list.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Birding Guatemala;  August - October 199787% OFF
    Birding Guatemala; August - October 1997 by Martin Birch

    Private report with introduction, advice on travel, currency, health, safety and recommended reading. Site information, lists for each site and full list of birds seen and where they have been seen.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £8.00Buy Now
  • Conservation Management of Freshwater Habitats: Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands66% OFF
    Conservation Management of Freshwater… by P S Maitland, N C Morgan

    Attention is paid to the problems facing wildlife conservation brought about by human impact on freshwater habitats. Subjects covered include a description of the types of habitat involved and their value to mankind, the type of impact evaluation of site value in conservation terms, practical protection and management of sites, species conservation and future prospects. Draws on examples of sites worldwide. Illustration type: Black and White Photographs, Line Drawings, 233pp. 1997

    Paperback £20.00 RRP: £59.95Buy Now
  • The Wild Flowers of Islay: A Checklist50% OFF
    The Wild Flowers of Islay: A Checklist by Malcolm Ogilvie

    The first comprehensive list of the island's flowering plants since Dr JK Morton's "Flora of Islay and Jura" over 35 years ago. A general introduction is followed by the list with brief statements of status. Map, 60pp. 1995

    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • The Isles of Scilly (New Naturalist)33% OFF
    The Isles of Scilly (New Naturalist) by Rosemary E Parslow

    The author has spent many years working on the islands, each of which has its own unique character and special plants and animals. She examines the many aspects that make up the islands, their flora and fauna, geography, geology and climate, and the people and the way they used the land and its present day management.

    Hardback £30.00 RRP: £45.00Buy Now
  • An Annotated List of the Birds of Mainland Ecuador64% OFF
    An Annotated List of the Birds of… by Robert S. Ridgely et al.

    Written in Spanish & English the booklet includes introductory comments details of the main geographical zones under which the 1579 species are listed plus the main bird list with details of status. Endemics are highlighted. Author profiles.

    Paperback £4.95 RRP: £13.95Buy Now
  • Checklist of the Birds of Trinidad75% OFF
    Checklist of the Birds of Trinidad by Richard ffrench

    Status & abundance symbols.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £4.00Buy Now
  • Checklist of the Birds of Tobago87% OFF
    Checklist of the Birds of Tobago by Richard ffrench

    Status & abundance symbols.

    Paperback £0.50 RRP: £4.00Buy Now
  • The World of the Polar Bear31% OFF
    The World of the Polar Bear by Norbert Rosing

    A photographic account of the life of the king of bears as witnessed by the author during his numerous trips to Churchill in northern Canada. Colour photos 176pp 1996

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £29.00Buy Now
  • Texas Field Guide Series: A Field Guide to Birds of the Big Bend75% OFF
    Texas Field Guide Series: A Field Guide… by Roland H Wauer

    This field guide offers information on the 450 bird species of the Big Bend, including behaviour notes, status reports, statistics and records.

    Paperback £2.95 RRP: £11.95Buy Now
  • Birds in Bahrain: A Study of Their Migration Patterns 1990-199272% OFF
    Birds in Bahrain: A Study of Their… by Erik Hirschfeld

    This book documents the author's 3-year bird study, containing new and previously unpublished information. The emphasis is on migrant wader movements, the information being well supported by histograms, tables and graphs, with a discussion on the possible origins and sub-species of each of the 250 species observed or ringed in the study period. Checklist and Tables. Illustration type: Black and White Drawings, Maps, Graphs, 124pp. 1995

    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Antarctica - A Topographic Database54% OFF
    Antarctica - A Topographic Database -

    Map's scale 1:10 000 000. Covers the whole of the Antarctic Continent with all research stations clearly marked. 1993

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £10.95Buy Now
  • Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman33% OFF
    Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman by M D Gallagher

    The first compact and authoritative guide to the 21 species of land snake and 9 species of sea snake known to occur in the area. Highlights the dangerous species giving advice on how to avoid being bitten but what to do if you are. Essential for all residents and visitors.

    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £3.75Buy Now
  • Grebes of our world61% OFF
    Grebes of our world by Andre Konter

    As an ornithologist with a passion for grebes and their conservation, the author has travelled the five continents with the aim of observing and photographing all of the grebe species still in existence. This books tells the story of his observations, including his discovery of over 100 Hooded Grebe nests in the remote Argentine Patagonia, the experience of seeing one of the few remaining Madagascar Grebes and his observations of the last remaining, critically threatened Junin Flightless Grebes.

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £23.50Buy Now
  • Mexico & Guatemala; Winter 95/9692% OFF
    Mexico & Guatemala; Winter 95/96 by Brian Gee

    General travel information including information about visas, money and health. Includes an itinerary, map, site details and lists of birds seen and mammals and snakes identified.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £12.50Buy Now
  • Michigan (Wildlife Viewing Guide)50% OFF
    Michigan (Wildlife Viewing Guide) by Phil T Seng

    121 sites, 152pp. 1994

    Paperback £4.50 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Bundukit: Series 190% OFF
    Bundukit: Series 1 by Vanessa Bristow, Kit Hustler

    Illustrates a series of problematical African species pairs or groups with information on identification using pointers. Produced in Zimbabwe this booklet is useful for related areas of Central Africa. Stylised illustrations all related to Robert's Birds of Southern Africa numbers.

    Paperback £0.49 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • New England Wildlife: Habitat Natural History and Distribution48% OFF
    New England Wildlife: Habitat Natural… by Richard M DeGraaf, Mariko Yamasaki

    Presented in sections on amphibians and reptiles birds and mammals. Each species account includes illustration and range map along with information on distribution within the region status habitat and breeding biology. 560pp. Drawings maps photographs. 2001

    Paperback £14.95 RRP: £29.00Buy Now
  • A Biological Assessment of the Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado, Bolivia44% OFF
    A Biological Assessment of the Parque… by Thomas S. Schulenberg, Timothy J Killeen

    Situated in the eastern part of the country where the moist Amazonian forests meet the dry forests of the Cerrado this Park contains a variety of ecosystems & high biodiversity. The survey discovered 26 new species of plants one new mammal & three new reptiles. The report includes extensive data appendixes a large fold-out vegetation map & conservation recommendations. 200pp 1999 Conservation International

    Paperback £9.95 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • A Rapid Biological Assessment of the Northern Cordillera Vilcabamba, Peru43% OFF
    A Rapid Biological Assessment of the… -

    The surveys discovered several species new to science including many butterfly & moth species & a large rodent which may even represent a new genus. The report provides critical conservation recommendations & detailed anthropological assessment of resource use by local communities. The area is one of Peru's richest biological regions. 200pp 1999 Conservation International

    Paperback £8.95 RRP: £15.95Buy Now
  • A Rapid Assessment of the Humid Forests of South Central Chuquisaca, Bolivia42% OFF
    A Rapid Assessment of the Humid Forests… by Thomas S. Schulenberg, Kim Awbrey

    Rapid Assessment Program Working Papers 8. The Chuquisaca & Tarija regions of Bolivia encompass one of the most dramatic shifts in flora & vegetation anywhere along the eastern Andes. This 1995 survey discovered the area contains one of the largest remaining uninterrupted tracts of Bosque Tucuman-Boliviano wet forest as well as a number of endemic species. There are also heavy development pressures. Colour photos halftones map 84pp. 1998 Conservation international

    Paperback £6.95 RRP: £11.99Buy Now
  • The Tambopata-Candamo-Rio Heath Region of Southeastern Peru: A Biological Assessment48% OFF
    The Tambopata-Candamo-Rio Heath Region… by R B Foster et al

    6 colour plates, 3 figures, 192pp. 1995

    Paperback £9.95 RRP: £19.50Buy Now
  • Jonathan Kingdon's Carnivores of Africa54% OFF
    Jonathan Kingdon's Carnivores of Africa by Jonathan Kingdon

    Fold out laminated colour identification field reference guide to all the carnivores of the African continent

    - £4.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Snakes of Southern Africa54% OFF
    Snakes of Southern Africa by Johan Marais

    Fold out laminated colour identification chart to dangerous and common harmless snakes found in southern Africa. Also includes snake bite first aid treatment.

    Chart £4.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Below Freezing: An Antarctic Dive Guide50% OFF
    Below Freezing: An Antarctic Dive Guide by Lisa Eareckson Trotter

    This is the first and only dive guide to the Antarctic. Until recently this was the exclusive realm of scientific and military divers, but is now become the extreme destination for recreational divers wishing to explore beyond the conventional. It details 27 sites on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. It is packed with information of the strange marine life of these waters, which remain at a temperature of 1⁰C (29⁰F) throughout the year.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs of Norbert Wu50% OFF
    Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs… by Norbert Wu

    A collection of wonderful underwater colour photographs taken all over the world from the Arctic seas the Great Barrier Reef Borneo to Australasia & the seas off Baja Mexico. Text by the photographer 252pp 1994 Hugh Lauter Levin

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £40.00Buy Now
  • Caribbean Diving Guide50% OFF
    Caribbean Diving Guide by Kurt Amsler

    Introduces the reader to 36 dives considered to be the finest in the entire Caribbean area. Includes brief descriptions of the fish typically encountered in these waters and contains many items of practical importance. Covers Florida Keys, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize, Dutch and French Antilles, Honduras and Cuba. Colour photographs, diagrams, 168pp. 1996

    Paperback £8.47 RRP: £16.95Buy Now
  • Dive: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao50% OFF
    Dive: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao -

    Comprehensive coverage which includes location, access, conditions, depth, marine life and conservation. Also information on health and safety and emergency contacts. Colour photographs, maps, 176pp. 2nd edition 2007

    Paperback £7.49 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • The Diver's Handbook50% OFF
    The Diver's Handbook by Alan Mountain

    Packed with indispensable information on all aspects of snorkelling and scuba diving, from training and equipment to photography and conservation. 500 colour photographs, 160pp

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • The Encyclopedia of Sharks50% OFF
    The Encyclopedia of Sharks by Steve Parker

    An up to date account of the world's most primitive and feared predators. Covers their evolution, their powerful bodies and amazing senses, how they swim, hunt, feed, breed, hibernate, migrate and survive in their aquatic environment. Colour photographs, maps, 224pp. 2008

    Paperback £8.49 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Collins Complete Guide to British Coastal Wildlife30% OFF
    Collins Complete Guide to British… by Paul Sterry, Andrew Cleave

    This informative photographic guide will help nature enthusiasts visiting the seashore to discover and quickly and accurately identify over 400 species of animals and plants commonly found in the coastal areas of Britain. Young and old alike will delight in this beautifully practical guide. Colour photographs, 320pp. 2012

    Paperback £12.59 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • The Shark That Walks on Land: And Other Strange but True Tales of Mysterious Sea Creatures30% OFF
    The Shark That Walks on Land: And Other… by Michael Bright

    This title uncovers tales of ancient and modern mariners, with stories of sea serpents, mermaids and mermen, sea dragons, and the true identity of the legendary kraken. But this is more than a showcase for mystery beasts, for marine biologists from all over the world are the modern myth busters and are finding all manner of unusual animals, many new to science. Illustration type: Black and white illustrations, 285pp. 2013

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Do Whales Get the Bends? Answers to 118 Fascinating Questions about the Sea50% OFF
    Do Whales Get the Bends? Answers to 118… by Tony Rice

    Using a question and answer format, this entertaining narrative addresses a multitude of general interest questions about the sea, sea life, seabirds and man's relationship with the sea. Do you ever wonder whether drinking seawater will drive you mad? Whether fish drink water or does anything eat jellyfish? This title will answer these and over 100 intriguing questions. B/w diagrams, 165pp. 2010

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Ireland's Hidden Depth's50% OFF
    Ireland's Hidden Depth's by Paul Kay

    by Paul Kay

    Ireland's cool temperate seas have a wealth of amazing marine life, glorious kelp forests and spectacular undersea scenery. This title's aim is to showcase the marine world which surrounds Ireland and which is all too often overlooked.

    Paperback £8.99 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • The Biology of Rocky Shores50% OFF
    The Biology of Rocky Shores by Colin Little et al.

    An introduction to the organisms that live on temperate rocky shores and is suitable for field courses and lectures. It takes examples from all over the world and describes the physical factors that affect the organisms, the biology of the animals and plants living on the shore and provides field course and project work examples. Also discusses pollution and conservation. Line drawings, halftones, 352pp. 2nd edition 2009

    Paperback £18.00 RRP: £36.00Buy Now
  • Collins Pocket Guide: Freshwater Life Britain and Northern Europe50% OFF
    Collins Pocket Guide: Freshwater Life… by Malcolm Greenhalgh, Denys Ovenden

    Covers northern Europe, including the mainly freshwater environment of the Baltic Sea. Describes and illustrates over 900 species of plant and animal visible with the naked eye, from damselflies and dragonflies to beetles and molluscs, 256pp. 2007

    Paperback £10.00 RRP: £20.00Buy Now

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