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Special Offers

This page lists all our current titles on special offer.

  • A Guide to the Birds of Peru50% OFF
    A Guide to the Birds of Peru by James F Clements et al.

    Peru has over 1700 bird species and boasts 114 endemics making it a priority destination for world birders. The country enjoys a very wide range of habitat types from snow-capped Andean peaks through dry desert coast lines to tropical rainforests. The book includes an annotated checklist of every bird known to occur in Peru a gazetteer of all localities mentioned in the text and details of important birding sites and accomodations. Almost 500 of the endemics & specialities are illustrated in full colour on 32 plates by Eustace Barnes.

    Paperback £20.00 RRP: £40.00Buy Now
  • Northern Ireland Bird Report 1986-9050% OFF
    Northern Ireland Bird Report 1986-90 by Northern Ireland Birdwatchers Association

    Articles on White-billed Diver at Ardglass 1986, Black Kite at Runabay Head, Black-winged Stilt in Belfast and Little Ringed Plovers at Down and Londonderry. A systematic list. Illustration type: Black and White Photographs, Line Drawings, Histograms, 126pp. 1992

    Paperback £0.50 RRP: £1.00Buy Now
  • The Bay of Biscay Cetacean Report 199883% OFF
    The Bay of Biscay Cetacean Report 1998 by Dylan Walker, Graeme Cresswell
    This booklet details the results of 12 surveys carried out from ferry crossings between the UK and northern Spain during the summer of 1998. Information on weather and topography of the Bay is followed by the systematic list covering 17 species of whales and dolphins. Includes abundance graphs and map. Illustration type: Colour Photographs, Black and White Drawings, 15pp. 1999
    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £5.95Buy Now
  • A Sound Guide to Nightjars and Related Nightbirds66% OFF
    A Sound Guide to Nightjars and Related… by Richard Ranft

    Contains the voices of 108 species of Caprimulgids (over 90% of all known species) including many published for the first time. A companion product to Nightjars: A Guide to Nightjars and Related Nightbirds (stock code M15729).

    CD £4.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Updating Hybrid Ducks: A Contribution Towards an Inventory87% OFF
    Updating Hybrid Ducks: A Contribution… by Eric & Barry Gillham
    An update bringing together new information on hybrid ducks obtained since the publication of the original booklet. 32pp. 1998
    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £8.00Buy Now
  • Birdsong in Britain46% OFF
    Birdsong in Britain by Geoff Sample

    Bird communities in a variety of British lowland and upland habitats.

    CD £6.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Die Vogelwelt der Insel Helgoland (The Birds of the Island of Helgoland)18% OFF
    Die Vogelwelt der Insel Helgoland (The… by Jochen Dierschke et al.

    Reviews the occurrence of all 426 species recorded on the Helgoland island. Text is in German but every chapter and all species accounts are supplemented by an extensive English summary. All bird names are in German, English and Latin.

    Hardback £45.00 RRP: £55.00Buy Now
  • Bird Sense: What it's Like to be a Bird23% OFF
    Bird Sense: What it's Like to be a Bird by Tim Birkhead

    A book about birds, their senses and behaviour that is informed by an attractive blend of personal experience, entertaining stories and cutting edge science.

    Hardback £12.99 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Conifer Moths of the British Isles: A Field Guide to Coniferous-feeding Lepidoptera
    Conifer Moths of the British Isles: A… by Jon Clifton, Jim Wheeler

    A guide to 108 coniferous-feeding micro and macro moths. Includes distribution maps and flight graphs. Illustration type: Colour Photographs, 132pp. 2012

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Pelagic Birds of the North Atlantic: an Identification Guide70% OFF
    Pelagic Birds of the North Atlantic: an… by Andy Paterson

    The book has received high praise already, with world expert on seabirds, Hadoram Shirihai, having seen the prototype in action off the US coast and declaiming about how useful such a simple, waterproof guide would be if it were to be widely available. In short, this is a must-have guide for serious birders on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Paperback £2.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Ontario: September 22nd to October 2nd 199592% OFF
    Ontario: September 22nd to October 2nd… by Steve Holmes, Marion Barlow

    A follow-up to the authors' spring 1994 report (M14998) with full information regarding travel hints, sites itinerary & systematic list. Includes Point Pelee & Rondeau.

    Paperback £0.50 RRP: £6.50Buy Now
  • The Mating Lives of Birds35% OFF
    The Mating Lives of Birds by James Parry

    Bird courtship and display can be one of the most captivating events in the natural world. This title looks at natural selection and why birds have evolved different reproduction strategies, examining territories, birdsong, displays and dealing with rivals.

    Hardback £12.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Garden Beetles79% OFF
    Garden Beetles by Darren J Mann, Chris O'Toole

    This book outlines how to make a beetle friendly garden, and in doing so, making it more friendly to a host of other wildlife.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £4.99Buy Now
  • Ladybird, Ladybird83% OFF
    Ladybird, Ladybird by Jude Tonkin

    Learn why the ladybird is our friend while you have fun reading this book.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • England's Rare Mosses & Liverworts; Their History, Ecology and Conservation40% OFF
    England's Rare Mosses & Liverworts;… by Ron D Porley

    Covers England's rare and threatened mosses and liverworts, collectively known as bryophytes. Of the 916 different types of bryophyte in England, 87 are on the British Red List. Provides the first treatment of England's rare and threatened mosses and liverworts and treats each species in a handy and attractive double-page layout with up-to-date profiles of 84 species, including status, distribution, history, and conservation measures. Illustration type: Colour photographs, Maps, 232pp. 2013

    Hardback £14.95 RRP: £24.95Buy Now
  • Tambopata Field Guide: Butterflies69% OFF
    Tambopata Field Guide: Butterflies -

    Laminated chart 11ins x 13ins that folds to 11ins x 4.5ins Illustratons on both sides. Featuring the most common butterflies of Tambopata and surrounding areas. Illustration type: Colour Illustrations.

    Chart £1.00 RRP: £3.25Buy Now
  • Insect Theatre33% OFF
    Insect Theatre by Hugh Raffles, Tim Edgar

    Insect Theatre provides an eye-opening commentary on the spectacle of the everyday and the insects that we live with. Through macro photography Tim Edgar gives a unique insight into domestic insects, supported by an essay from anthropologist and insect expert Hugh Raffles. Illustration type: Colour photographs, B/W photographs, 64pp. 2013

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £14.95Buy Now
  • Birds & People10% OFF
    Birds & People by Mark Cocker

    Part natural history and part cultural study, it describes and maps the entire spectrum of our engagements with birds, drawing in themes of history, literature, art, cuisine, language, lore, politics and the environment. In the end, this is a book as much about us as it is about birds. Birds and People is also exceptional in that the author has solicited contributions from people worldwide. Personal anecdotes and stories have come from more than 650 individuals in 81 different countries. They range from university academics to Mongolian eagle hunters, and from Amerindian shamans to some of the most celebrated writers of our age. The sheer multitude of voices in this global chorus means that Birds and People is both a source book on why we cherish birds and a powerful testament to their importance for all humanity.

    Hardback £36.00 RRP: £40.00Buy Now
  • The Art of Conservation: 25 years of Birdfair Posters33% OFF
    The Art of Conservation: 25 years of… by Martin Davies, Tim Appleton

    In 1989, two men had an idea to stage a fair showcasing the very best of all things to do with birds and wildlife. 25 years later, the British Birdfair has become the largest such event in the world. From the Birdfair's humble beginnings, this book show how, with the help of its sponsors and volunteers, it has grown beyond all expectations. The founders commissioned Robert Gillmor to produce artwork for all but three of the iconic posters to promote the Fair. This is a pictorial history of the fair, shown through the posters.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • Birds: Coping with an Obsession53% OFF
    Birds: Coping with an Obsession by Derek Moore

    Renowned as one of birding's best story tellers, Derek Moore takes a nostalgic journey through the past 70 years. Recounting many highly entertaining tales, from huge falls of migrant birds engulfing his cricket pitch in the 1960s to heated run ins with land owners and developers during the years when he was instrumental in establishing a network of key nature reserves along the coast of East Anglia and helping to shape the Wildlife Trusts into the force they are today.

    Hardback £6.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • The Avian Migrant; The Biology of Bird Migration36% OFF
    The Avian Migrant; The Biology of Bird… by John H Rappole
    Surveys the vast literature on bird migration, including the effects of global warming on behaviour and the role of migrants in the spread of disease. With figures. 512pp. 2013
    Hardback £35.00 RRP: £55.00Buy Now
  • My Garden and Other Animals53% OFF
    My Garden and Other Animals by Mike Dilger

    by Mike Dilger

    After years of travel and study, The One Show's Mike Dilger has at last bought a house and with it, a (potentially) glorious garden. "Potential" was definitely the word that sprang to mind the very first time Mike and his partner Christina viewed their new "house-and-garden-to-be".


    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Animals of the Masai Mara16% OFF
    Animals of the Masai Mara by Adam Scott Kennedy, Vicki Kennedy

    Covers 65 mammals and 17 reptile species, including 6 snakes. Designed to be informative and locally accurate rather than purely identification based. Pays particular attention to wildlife behaviour. The tips throughout show readers how and where to locate specific species.

    Paperback £14.95 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • The Profit of Birding33% OFF
    The Profit of Birding by Bryan Bland

    Bryan Bland has led thousands of birding tours to more than 70 countries. On one such trip to India a bemused waiter asked "Where is the profit in birding?" Bryan is famed as one of birding's greatest story-tellers and he uses his book to answer the question emphatically.

    In short, there is more to birding than just birds, although they clearly provide a great deal of interest and pleasure. In addition there is history, dramatic scenery, location filming as well as world politics, all featured in this light-hearted examination of the profit of birds. Birders and non-birders alike will enjoy this humorous, anecdotal narrative.

    Hardback £9.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Birds of the Masai Mara33% OFF
    Birds of the Masai Mara by Adam Scott Kennedy

    Covers over 200 bird species and is accessible and informative rather than purely identification based. Pays particular attention to wildlife behaviour. A brief introduction provides visitors with background on the habitats of the national park, and the guide's habitat-based approach makes it simple to identify any bird species according to where it is found.

    Paperback £11.95 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • The Unfeathered Bird34% OFF
    The Unfeathered Bird by Katrina van Grouw

    A richly illustrated book on bird anatomy depicting 200 species. Each drawing made from an actual specimen, the birds are shown in lifelike positions and engaged in behaviour typical of the species, such as an underwater view of the skeleton of a swimming loon, the musculature of a porpoising penguin and an unfeathered sparrow hawk plucking its prey.

    Hardback £22.99 RRP: £34.99Buy Now
  • Devon Wildlife Through the Seasons60% OFF
    Devon Wildlife Through the Seasons by John Walters

    Award winning wildlife artist John Walters portrays the varied and exciting wildlife of the county of Devon through the seasons.

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £50.00Buy Now
  • Puffin CD-ROM and Mouse Mat89% OFF
    Puffin CD-ROM and Mouse Mat -

    This high quality mouse mat is mark and scratch resistant while the CD-ROM contains an easy to use desktop calendar, diary and a collection of beautiful screensavers.


    Please check carefully that this software will be compatible with your computer's operating system.

    - £1.00 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Everything you always wanted to know about birds ...but were afraid to ask!50% OFF
    Everything you always wanted to know… by Stephen Moss

    Answers all those burning questions about birds that beginners and experts alike may ask themselves as they go about their birdwatching. How do ducks keep their feet from freezing in winter. Why don't swallows stay in Africa. Are birds really dinosaurs or were dinosaurs really birds. Taking a question and answer approach leads to an answer which expands the theme under discussion. This light hearted readable book will intrigue anyone with an interest in birds.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Ontario & Texas: 25th September - 7th October 200084% OFF
    Ontario & Texas: 25th September - 7th… by Steve Holmes, Marion Barlow

    Itinerary, daily log with species seen. Separate systematic lists for Ontario and Texas.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £6.50Buy Now
  • The Great British Wildlife Hunt27% OFF
    The Great British Wildlife Hunt by Anne Harrap

    by Anne Harrap

    Perfect for anyone who enjoys a walk in the woods or a coastal stroll. Not a site guide that directs you to the same old sites, instead a guide which encourages you to actively find species everywhere you go by learning to recognise landscape features, habitats and niches.

    Paperback £7.99 RRP: £10.99Buy Now
  • Mushrooms20% OFF
    Mushrooms by Peter Marren

    Written in Marren's inimitable style, it is a refreshingly candid view of the diversity of fungi and our relationship with this intriguing group. It explores topics such as the naming of fungi, their importance in natural ecosystems, fungus forays and our ambivalent attitude to edible fungi, as well as recent efforts to record and conserve vulnerable species.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £24.99Buy Now
  • The Eurasian Red Squirrel40% OFF
    The Eurasian Red Squirrel by Stefan Bosch, Peter W W Lurz

    This book provides interesting insights into the largely hidden life of Sciurus vulgaris as well as into the complex ecological relationships that determine its existence and on which man has massive influence by landscaping, forestry, or the introduction of non-resident squirrel species.

    Paperback £11.99 RRP: £20.00Buy Now
  • Advanced Bird ID Guide: The Western Palearctic54% OFF
    Advanced Bird ID Guide: The Western… by Nils van Duivendijk

    Accurately describes every key detail of every plumage of all 900 species that have ever occurred in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. There are no photographs or illustrations, but detailed text that lists the key characters of each recognisable plumage, including male, female, immature, and juvenile, all subspecies and all other variations.

    Paperback £6.80 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Top 100 Birding Sites of the World42% OFF
    Top 100 Birding Sites of the World by Dominic Couzens

    Top 100 Birding Sites of the World brings together a selection of the best places to go birdwatching on Earth. These are brought to life through the eloquent writing of Dominic Couzens and an array of stunning photographs. The sites are chosen for reasons ranging from having spectacular numbers of birds or species to experiencing amazing migration events and hosting rare or spectacular species. They span every continent and include famous locations from the Coto Donana and Manu to the Everglades alongside less well known but equally worthy destinations from Fiji and Kazakhstan to Gabon.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £35.00Buy Now
  • Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific44% OFF
    Whales & Dolphins of the North American… by Dylan Walker et al.

    Provides detailed information on all 39 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises, 6 species of seals and sealions and the Sea Otter found in the waters between Baja California in Mexico and South East Alaska. Sections on behaviour and where, when and how to go whale watching.

    Paperback £9.95 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • Ladybirds79% OFF
    Ladybirds by Darren J Mann

    This book outlines the fascinating natural history of the gardener's closest ally and suggests ways in which we can make our gardens more attractive to ladybirds.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £4.99Buy Now
  • Watching Wildlife in London60% OFF
    Watching Wildlife in London by Marianne Taylor

    by Marianne Taylor

    Many people are unaware that the city of London is rich in wildlife, and that many of the most interesting and spectacular species can be seen within a few minutes' walk of the tourist trail.

    The first 8 chapters are an informative 'where to watch' guide describing key sites from the city centre to the suburbs, along with what you can expect to see. This ranges from wildfowl and birds of prey in the centre of town to deer and other mammals around Richmond, and from butterfly and wildflower hot spots to a haven for wading birds and water voles beside the Thames.

    Paperback £3.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Nightjars of the World: Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird and Owlet-nightjars25% OFF
    Nightjars of the World: Potoos,… by Nigel Cleere

    This is the ultimate identification guide to the nightjars, potoos, frogmouths, Oilbird, and owlet-nightjars of the world. Covering all 135 known species of these elusive and cryptically plumaged birds, this illustrated guide features more than 580 superb colour photographs depicting every species and many subspecies, including numerous images never before published. Photos of museum specimens are provided for birds for which no images in the wild exist, including species not seen since their original discovery.

    Hardback £26.00 RRP: £34.99Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent28% OFF
    A Field Guide to the Birds of the… by Ber van Perlo, Krys Kazmierczak

    Covers all 1,300 species to be found in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, an essential guide for anyone birding on the Sub-continent. Reprinted 2008.

    Paperback £17.99 RRP: £24.99Buy Now
  • Wildlife of the Seychelles50% OFF
    Wildlife of the Seychelles by John Bowler

    This is a comprehensive photographic guide to the birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies and other conspicuous invertebrates likely to be encountered in the Seychelles. Covers identification, breeding, distribution, population and conservation status.

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • Great Oaks Little Acorns16% OFF
    Great Oaks Little Acorns by Rosemary Pickering

    by Rosemary Pickering

    A beautifully illustrated story book, aimed at 3-7 year olds. Follow a great oak tree through the seasons and discover how its little acorns grow up to be big and strong trees too. Learn about natures life cycle and stimulate children's interest in the natural world around them.

    - £4.99 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • Remarkable Birds44% OFF
    Remarkable Birds by Stephen Moss

    Birders worldwide were asked to nominate the top 100 favourite birds in their country and why. The responses included contributions from people from major organisations, such as Audubon and BirdLife, as well as individual birdwatchers. This formed the ranking for the 100 birds in this book.

    Hardback £9.99 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • Collins Guide; Garden birds of Britain and Europe89% OFF
    Collins Guide; Garden birds of Britain… by Detlef Singer

    This full-colour photographic guide includes over 100 birds commonly found in the gardens of Britain and Europe. Each bird is illustrated with its own colour photograph to aid identification.

    - £1.00 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • A Complete Guide to the Birds of Malta60% OFF
    A Complete Guide to the Birds of Malta by Natalino Fenech

    Not just a bird guide, but an almanac that speaks about all that is related to birds in Malta. The first part of the book deals with bird-man relationships from ancient times in, in art and literature, in everyday jargon as well as in hunter's language.

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £50.00Buy Now
  • Endemic Plants of the Altai Mountain Country50% OFF
    Endemic Plants of the Altai Mountain… by A I Pyak et al
    The Altai-Sayan Montane Forests Ecoregion is an extraordinary mosaic of coniferous forests, intermontane steppe and alpine meadows. Half the flora of Siberia is to be found here. The team of authors has surveyed over 300 endemic plants, many important for medicine or food. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 368pp. 2008
    Hardback £14.95 RRP: £29.95Buy Now
  • Birds Britannia50% OFF
    Birds Britannia by Stephen Moss

    Birds and bird lore provides a fascinating window into our social and cultural history, and can tell us much about our changing relationship with the British landscape, our people and society. Focussing on some of our most beloved and charismatic birds Stephen Moss explores their fascinating biology and their place in the evolving culture and history of British people.

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £17.99Buy Now
  • RSPB Nature Watch: How to discover, explore and enjoy wildlife61% OFF
    RSPB Nature Watch: How to discover,… by Marianne Taylor

    Learn a host of techniques including observing without disturbing, ways to record what you see, sketching, photography, filming and recording and how to organise and report what you have seen.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography40% OFF
    Wildlife Photographer: A Course in… by Chris Gomersall

    Chapters on subjects such as Space, Light, Time and Developing with examples, advice, and suggestions for projects and exercises. Also sixteen case studies, where the author describes how he achieved some of his most outstanding images.

    Hardback £14.99 RRP: £25.00Buy Now
  • Going, Going, Gone?38% OFF
    Going, Going, Gone? -

    100 conservation organisations around the world have each nominated the species that gives them most cause for concern. This provides an overview of the work that we need to do now to save these and the hundreds of thousands of other similar placed species before they are gone. Provides facts about each species and what you can do.

    Hardback £7.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Garden Birdwatch Handbook20% OFF
    Garden Birdwatch Handbook by Andrew Cannon

    The book gives full details of the garden bird recording project of the British Trust for Ornithology supported by CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd. Anyone with access to a garden can take part thereby adding to the important scientific record of what birds visit gardens and how their numbers may be changing. BTO

    Paperback £1.99 RRP: £2.50Buy Now
  • A Guide to the Dragonflies of Great Britain37% OFF
    A Guide to the Dragonflies of Great… by Dan Powell

    A beautifully illustrated guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of the British Isles. Includes detailed information on anatomy, life cycle and behaviour, how to begin a study, information sources, how to find your own site, what species to look for first, habitats, rare migrants, field craft and conservation.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £15.99Buy Now
  • One Season in the Taiga85% OFF
    One Season in the Taiga by Vadim Ryabitsev

    The ornithologist author describes an expedition to the Ural Mountains in Russia to study Willow and Arctic Warblers.

    He describes in a popular style the ecological fieldwork involved and includes portraits of individual birds, at the same time describing the other wildlife encountered in the vicinity of his camp in the northern Taiga.

    Paperback £2.00 RRP: £13.99Buy Now
  • Birds of Chitwan81% OFF
    Birds of Chitwan by Dr Hem Sagar Baral
    A 7-day checklist covering 524 species, including all residents migrants and vagrants recorded in this Nepalese National Park. 2nd Edition, 22pp. 1997
    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £5.50Buy Now
  • Lives of North American Birds77% OFF
    Lives of North American Birds by Kenn Kaufman

    A full colour reference book with detailed descriptions of over 900 North American species together with information on habitat, feeding, nesting, migration and conservation status.

    Hardback £9.95 RRP: £43.50Buy Now
  • Idaho Birds; An Introduction to Familiar Species76% OFF
    Idaho Birds; An Introduction to… by James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
    Most illustrations show the adult male in breeding colouration. Illustrations not to scale. Map of birding hotspots. 2001
    - £1.00 RRP: £4.25Buy Now
  • Kentucky Birds; An Introduction to Familiar Species76% OFF
    Kentucky Birds; An Introduction to… by James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
    Most illustrations show the adult male in breeding colouration. Illustrations not to scale. Map of birding hotspots. 2001
    - £1.00 RRP: £4.25Buy Now
  • Illinois Birds; An Introduction to Familiar Species76% OFF
    Illinois Birds; An Introduction to… by James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
    Most illustrations show the adult male in breeding colouration. Illustrations not to scale. Map of birding hotspots. 2001
    - £1.00 RRP: £4.25Buy Now
  • Birding with Bill Oddie; A Practical Guide to Birdwatching60% OFF
    Birding with Bill Oddie; A Practical… by Bill Oddie, Stephen Moss

    A book to accompany a BBC 2 series in which Bill Oddie describes the emotions and techniques attached to one of the fastest growing hobbies and attempts to convey the magic of this new way of life for many of the country's natural history enthusiasts.

    Paperback £3.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • A Birdwatching Guide to Eastern Spain54% OFF
    A Birdwatching Guide to Eastern Spain by Malcolm Palmer

    Covers the whole of the coastal strip, from the French frontier down to the southern boundary of the Province of Alicante and inland within a comfortable day trip range excluding the area covered by the Pyrenees guide. The greater part of this guide concentrates on the autonomous region of Valencia and includes the hugely important Ebro Delta.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £10.99Buy Now

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