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Special Offers

This page lists all our current titles on special offer.

  • Barn Owls in Britain37% OFF
    Barn Owls in Britain by Jeff Martin

    Barn owls are amongst the most charismatic of our owls, but their fortunes have risen and then plumetted. Covers the history of the barn owl in Britain in relation to farming methods. Discusses the barn owl's needs, habitats and biology.

    Hardback £9.99 RRP: £15.99Buy Now
  • Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma and Eastern Little Karoo: South African Wild Flower Guide 249% OFF
    Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma and Eastern… by Audrey Moriarty

    Covering an area from the Gourits River in the west to the Storm River mouth in the east, this book describes and illustrates some 450 species South African wild flowers. Includes details of habitat and flowering period. Colour illustrations, map, 223pp. 1997 2nd edition

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £19.95Buy Now
  • Southern Overberg: South African Wild Flower Guide 846% OFF
    Southern Overberg: South African Wild… by Penny Mustart et al.

    The Southern Overberg, as its name suggests, is literally over the mountains to the south-east of Cape Town and stretches as far as the Breede River in the east. The area includes the fynbos De Hoop Nature Reserve and is home to approximately 2,500 species of which about 300 are endemic. After introducing the various habitat types the book goes on to describe and illustrate 512 species of wildflower with information on habitat preference and flowering period. Colour photographs, map, 270pp. 1997

    Paperback £7.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • Nebraska (Wildlife Viewing Guide)44% OFF
    Nebraska (Wildlife Viewing Guide) by Joseph Knue

    Nebraska is a place where plant and wildlife communities of different regions meet. From timbered river courses, to hilly dune fields, to pine forests, to mixed prairies and short grass plains. This guide leads you to 68 of the best places to see wildlife in this state. Illustration type: Colour Photographs, Map, 96pp. 1997

    Paperback £4.95 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Wyoming (Wildlife Viewing Tour Guide)21% OFF
    Wyoming (Wildlife Viewing Tour Guide) by Wyoming Game & Fish Dept

    55 sites 216pp

    Paperback £14.95 RRP: £18.95Buy Now
  • Checklist of the Birds of Ireland30% OFF
    Checklist of the Birds of Ireland by IRBC

    Lists all 424 species recorded in Ireland up until the end of 1996. Each species entry includes English Irish & scientific name with brief status details. Rare bird occurences listed with month year & location. 40pp 1998

    Paperback £3.50 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • The Atlas of Endangered Species60% OFF
    The Atlas of Endangered Species by Gerard Bertrand, John A. Burton

    The natural disappearance of plants and animals has occurred for millions of years but today the risk of extinction hangs over thousands of species. Due to human population increases and our need for food, fuel, shelter and the earths precious natural resources, the erosion of habitats threatens the survival of creatures as diverse as the Black rhino and Horseshoe bat. Written by a team of expert contributors this authoritative guide provides insight into the range and reason of the world's theatened plant and animal species. Colour photographs maps 272pp 2000

    Hardback £7.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • The Wind in My Face: On the Trail of a Nature Photographer49% OFF
    The Wind in My Face: On the Trail of a… by Bridget MacCaskill

    After the death of the well known naturalist, forester and nature photographer, Don MacCaskill, his wife Bridget put together a book of stunning photographs with text that gives the reader a taste of nature through the seasons. Also includes poetry by Jim Crumley, each poem inspired by one of Don's photographs. Colour photographs, 160pp. 2004

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £19.95Buy Now
  • Ponds; Creating and Maintaining a Wildlife Pond
    Ponds; Creating and Maintaining a… by Chris McClaren

    Ponds are becoming the best way to conserve and enjoy wildlife. Pond life expert Chris McClaren introduces the reader to the world of ponds and all the information you require to create and maintain one and how to introduce wildlife to help it thrive. Illustrations, 96pp. 2009

    Hardback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Ode to the Countryside: Poems to Celebrate the British Landscape
    Ode to the Countryside: Poems to… by Samuel Carr

    A rich collection of poetry that celebrates the English countryside. Includes poetry from all eras, from Chaucer and Shakespeare through Alexander Pope, to Coleridge, Tennyson, Thomas Hardy, Gerard Manley Hopkins and right up to Vita Sackville-West and John Betjeman. Includes nostalgic illustrations of our green and pleasant land. 192pp. 2010

    Hardback £12.99 Buy Now
  • The Guadeloupe Woodpecker27% OFF
    The Guadeloupe Woodpecker by Pascal Villard

    A thorough biological study of the endemic Gaudeloupe Woodpecker. Looks at distribution and habitat, reproduction, population dynamics, foraging behaviour and all other aspects of its life history.

    Paperback £12.99 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • The Bird Species: Die Vogelarten Systematics of the Bird Species and  Subspecies of the World: Charadriiformes39% OFF
    The Bird Species: Die Vogelarten… by Norbert Bahr

    In 1931 James Lee Peters (1889-1952) published the first volume of his ultimately 16 volume Checklist of Birds of the World, completed in 1987. Today it is still an important work of reference. This new series will also be in several volumes with all bird species and subspecies listed according to the latest classification. This first volume contains the order Charadriiformes with English, scientific and German species names. Text in English and German.

    Hardback £14.99 RRP: £24.95Buy Now
  • Curassows and Related Birds
    Curassows and Related Birds by Delacour, Jean, Amadon, Dean

    The family Cracidae - chachalacas, guans and curassows - are a fascinating group of birds, mostly rare and threatened, that live in the jungles and mountains of Central and South America. The first edition of this title in 1973 was based on an enormous amount of research and included illustrations, the majority by Albert E Gilbert. This edition contains all the original drawings and plates as well as 27 new plates, including several illustrating the chicks of many of the species, and plates from Handbook Birds of the World that correspond to this family.

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Ecology and Conservation of Steppe-land Birds13% OFF
    Ecology and Conservation of Steppe-land… by Bota et al.

    Steppe birds are currently among the most threatened in the world. Authored by recognised specialists in the field of biology and conservation this title offers a multidisciplinary approach to the environmental threats that these birds face.

    Paperback £12.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
    A first class photographic field guide but with a Korean text. The bird names are in English & Korean together with the scientific names. The photographs are all in colour and are of high quality. Colour coded distribution maps accompany each species account and cover a much wider area than Korea. In slip case 453pp 1996
    Hardback £29.95 RRP: £41.00Buy Now
    Reviews the ecological and morphological adaptations of Tetraonidae and Phasiandae of the Soviet Union, based on available data and the authors many years of research. 302pp. 1992
    Hardback £29.99 RRP: £34.95Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Thailand65% OFF
    A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of… by John W K Parr

    Covers 138 larger mammals species, including whales, of Thailand. Includes information on behaviour and habit along with a distribution map for each species.

    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Raptors and Owls of Georgia23% OFF
    Raptors and Owls of Georgia by Rafael Antonio Galvez et al.

    The first comprehensive field guide to all raptors and owls recorded in Georgia. Describes 45 species including breeding birds, seasonal residents, migrants and rare visitors. Provides information on identification, behaviour, confusing species, habitat, food source, nesting and population status of each species within Georgia. Colour illustrations, distribution maps. 128pp. 2005

    Cassette £11.50 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • A List of the Birds of Morocco43% OFF
    A List of the Birds of Morocco by David Fisher, Stephen Gantlett

    15 day list. 312spp. 16pp.

    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £1.75Buy Now
  • Beekeeping; Inspiration and Practical Advice For Would Be Smallholders
    Beekeeping; Inspiration and Practical… by Andrew Davies

    A practical guide intended for both beginner and experienced alike. Covers everything from setting up hives and maximising bees in the garden, to optimum honey production. B/w and colour photographs, 96pp. 2007

    Hardback £7.99 Buy Now
    WASHINGTON TREES & WILDFLOWERS: AN… by James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
    Provides simplified field reference to plants that are familiar, widespread and/or unique to the area. Illustrations not to scale. Map of botanical sanctuaries. 2000
    - £1.00 RRP: £4.25Buy Now
  • West Virginia (Wildlife Viewing Guide)22% OFF
    West Virginia (Wildlife Viewing Guide) by Mark Damian Duda

    50 colour photographs maps 96pp 1999

    Paperback £6.95 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • North Carolina (Wildlife Viewing Guide)22% OFF
    North Carolina (Wildlife Viewing Guide) by Charles E. Roe

    90 sites 96pp

    Paperback £6.95 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Wild Life: A Garden Drama20% OFF
    Wild Life: A Garden Drama by Queen Green

    This is a quirky little book and everyone should read it. Brimming with humour, information and bright ideas, it is a manual for understanding and caring for wildlife in the garden and countryside. It also offers hope for the future of our lovely planet. Colour photographs, 52pp. 2005

    Paperback £3.99 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Key Areas for Threatened Birds in the Neotropics46% OFF
    Key Areas for Threatened Birds in the… by Long, Wege

    A presentation both on an area-by-area & a country-by- country basis of the detailed information found in the Threatened Birds of the Americas: the ICBP/IUCN Red Data Book. The author's objective is to make the information more accessible & useful to decision makers involved in the areas bird conservation issues & in the formation of national conservation issues.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £18.50Buy Now
  • Young Voices: Turning Ideas into Action33% OFF
    Young Voices: Turning Ideas into Action by Kathy Duffy

    Designed for leaders of Wildlife Watch, school or youth groups, this book aims to find ways of giving children a greater degree of choice and responsibility during their meetings. Full of games and activities, tips and suggestions. Includes activity sheets. 16pp. 2001

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £7.50Buy Now
  • Wild Flowers50% OFF
    Wild Flowers -

    Shows how to grow and care for a range of wild flowers and examines the artistic, literary, medicinal and folkloric associations of individual flowers. This illustrated visual guide is a practical sourcebook for the gardener, a reference book for the garden designer or for those who just want to be able to identify different wildflower species or simply enjoy the beauty of the images. Colour illustrations. 96pp. 2004

    Hardback £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • How to be a Better Birder57% OFF
    How to be a Better Birder by Derek Lovitch

    Provides all the essential tools you need to become a better birder. The author's 'Whole Bird and More' approach offers a more effective way to go about identification and will enable you to identify more birds, more quickly, more of the time.

    He demonstrates how to use geography and an understanding of habitats, ecology, and even the weather to enrich your birding experience and help you find something out of the ordinary. Shows how to track nocturnal migrants using radar, collect data for bird conservation, discover exciting rarities, develop patch lists, and much more.

    Paperback £5.99 RRP: £13.99Buy Now
  • Spineless Wonders: The Joys of Formication41% OFF
    Spineless Wonders: The Joys of… by Richard Conniff

    The word "formication" describes the sensation of insects crawling over one's skin with an implied sense of horror and fascination. This book looks at the author's contact with invertebrates and is an engaging and humerous mix of natural history and human lore. The habits and idiosyncrasies of the moth, the leech, the ant and the slime eel are just a few of the hazards of being in contact with insects and invertebrates. Their bizarre adaptations and the work they get through to survive are described and also Coniff's hilarious encounters with the intelligent and eccentric people who study these creatures and their history are recounted. Black and white drawings, 222pp. 1997

    Hardback £9.95 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • HANDBOOK OF THE BIRDS OF INDIA AND PAKISTAN Together With Those Of Bangladesh Nepal Bhutan and Sri L43% OFF
    HANDBOOK OF THE BIRDS OF INDIA AND… by Salim Ali, Sidney Dillon Ripley

    Provides details of size, field characters, status, distribution and habitat, voice and calls. B/w illustrations, maps, colour plates, 245pp. 1996 2nd edition

    Hardback £7.95 RRP: £13.95Buy Now
  • Badger (Collins New Naturalist)
    Badger (Collins New Naturalist) by Tim Roper

    Reveals the extraordinary complex lifestyle that allows this secretive animal to live in even the most built up areas of Britain. Also reveals the facts behind the current role of badgers in transmitting tuberculosis to cattle, a theory that has resulted in some of the most intense wildlife investigation in the past ten years. Colour photographs, maps, tables, 386pp. 2010

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • Raptors in the New Millennium31% OFF
    Raptors in the New Millennium by R Yosef et al.

    Proceedings of the joint meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation and The Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £14.50Buy Now
  • Emirates Bird Report 1988% OFF
    Emirates Bird Report 19 -

    Contains important articles on Gulf birdlife including ID features of large white-headed gulls Abu Dhabi islands breeding bird survey rarity report 1994 1994 systematic list new birds for UAE plus much more. Colour photos b/w drawings 136pp 1997

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Birdwatching in Argentina Sep - Oct 199388% OFF
    Birdwatching in Argentina Sep - Oct 1993 by E Molgaard et al

    A well written privately produced report with the usual introductory information on organisation, travel and local guides followed by itinerary, detailed daily diary, systematic list of birds, mammals & reptiles. Bibliography.

    Paperback £1.00 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • A Birder's Field Checklist of the Birds of Panama31% OFF
    A Birder's Field Checklist of the Birds… by Loftin, Engleman

    Keyed to Ridgely & Gwynne's A Guide to the Birds of Panama.

    Paperback £2.75 RRP: £4.00Buy Now
  • A Birder's Field Checklist of the Birds of the Yucatan Peninsula21% OFF
    A Birder's Field Checklist of the Birds… by Horace Loftin
    Paperback £2.75 RRP: £3.50Buy Now
  • Farmland Birds across the World54% OFF
    Farmland Birds across the World by Wouter van der Weijden et al.

    Covers all the major farmland habitats of the world, and details more than 500 species of farmland birds, of which many are in decline or under threat. This title identifies the many challenges that farmland birds face, such as intensification and greater mechanisation of farming and also explores the opportunities available for protecting and supporting them, highlighting actions that can and have been taken.

    Hardback £9.99 RRP: £21.99Buy Now
  • Flora of the Maltese Islands; A Field Guide33% OFF
    Flora of the Maltese Islands; A Field… by Hans Christian Weber, Bernd Kendzior

    There are approximately 1,000 species of vascular plants found in Malta. This field guide provides description, photograph and notes on flowering time, origin, occurrence and distribution for over 600 species. Covers not only the prevalent species but also rare species, introduced or indigenous species and most of the endemic species.

    Hardback £19.95 RRP: £29.95Buy Now
  • Bee Conservation: Evidence for the Effects of Interventions32% OFF
    Bee Conservation: Evidence for the… by Lynn V. Dicks et al.

    This book brings together scientific evidence and experience relevant to the practical conservation of wild bees. The authors worked with an international group of bee experts and conservationists to develop a global list of interventions that could benefit wild bees. They range from protecting natural habitat to controlling disease in commercial bumblebee colonies.

    Paperback £13.50 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • La Gomera: A Discovery Walking Guide to the South of La Gomera34% OFF
    La Gomera: A Discovery Walking Guide to… by Brawn, R.C., Brawn, D.A.

    Large scale maps detailed walking routes & loal information.

    Paperback £2.95 RRP: £4.50Buy Now
  • Peregrine Falcon33% OFF
    Peregrine Falcon by Patrick Stirling-Aird

    Reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, the Peregrine Falcon is famous as the world's fastest bird. Due to its penchant for choosing inaccessible places to breed, feed, and roost, few people are aquainted with its habits and behaviour. This title provides information on hunting, raising young, and how populations around the world are now prospering once again.

    Hardback £9.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Silent Spring Revisited23% OFF
    Silent Spring Revisited by Conor Mark Jameson

    2012 sees the 50th anniversary of the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This book was to become a driving force behind the environmental movement, and as such was one of the most important books of the last century. Fifty years on this title reflects on Carson's legacy, both in Britain, and the United States and beyond, and asks the question - do we still face the prospect of a future silent spring? 288pp. 2012

    Hardback £12.99 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Southern England (Collins New Naturalist)16% OFF
    Southern England (Collins New Naturalist) by Peter Friend

    Most people share an enthusiasm for beautiful and breathtaking scenery, but whilst east to admire from a distance, such landscapes are usually difficult to explain in words. Harnessing recent developments in computer technology, this latest volume uses the most up to date and accurate maps, diagrams and photographs to analyse the diverse landscapes of Southern England. Colour photographs, 416pp. 2008

    Paperback £24.95 RRP: £30.00Buy Now
    BIRDS OF THE GABORONE AREA: A Checklist by Barnes, Bushell
    There is a general introduction including details of climate & topography vegetation & habitat followed by an annotated species list with details of status & abundance. A simple site guide gives directions to locations mentioned in the notes. 44pp 1989 BBC
    Paperback £2.95 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • The Dodo: The Bird That Drew the Short Straw
    The Dodo: The Bird That Drew the Short… by Jan den Hengst

    The author has analysed and compared 17th century paintings and engravings for the past 25 years in an attempt to reconstruct an accurate portrait of the dodo.

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now
  • A Birdwatching Guide to France North of the Loire37% OFF
    A Birdwatching Guide to France North of… by Jacqueline Crozier

    The area covered by this book is roughly half of France north of a line running from the south bank of the Loire estuary on the Atlantic coast to Lake Geneva in the east. Includes site maps, when to visit and what you are likely to see.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £15.99Buy Now
  • Attracting Garden Birds DVD50% OFF
    Attracting Garden Birds DVD -

    Superb footage, high quality sound and a helpful voiceover make this DVD an ideal information source for anyone wishing to encourage more birds into the garden. Narrated by TV presenter Iolo Williams.

    DVD £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Northern Ireland Bird Report80% OFF
    Northern Ireland Bird Report by NIBA

    Systematic list notes on Franklin's Gull: a species new to Northern Ireland and the ecology of a Hen Harrier winter roost.


    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Peter Clark's World of Owls: Volume 1 - British Owls89% OFF
    Peter Clark's World of Owls: Volume 1 -… by Peter Clark

    An introduction to owls with detailed information about the six British owls. Includes distribution maps, taxonomy, anatomy, conservation issues, with owl nest box diagrams and plans. Photographic slide show of some of the world owl species including a selection of photographs to print. CD ROM. 2000

    Please check carefully that this software will be compatible with your computer's operating system.

    CD-ROM £1.00 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • First for Britain and Ireland 1600-199920% OFF
    First for Britain and Ireland 1600-1999 by Philip Palmer

    A full list of all species new to Britain and Ireland. Approximately 350 plus all category D records to date.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £25.00Buy Now
  • Bill Oddie's Birds of Britain and Ireland
    Bill Oddie's Birds of Britain and Ireland by Bill Oddie

    An ideal book for beginners, describing over 200 common species found in Britain and Ireland. This new edition takes into account the most recent changes to the taxonomic order of bird species, including the latest scientific bird names as well as the common names.

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • Northern Ireland Bird Report 199750% OFF
    Northern Ireland Bird Report 1997 by NIBA

    A systematic list. Articles on Great White Egret Rustic Bunting on Rathlin Island Little Buntings at St Johns Point - Co. Down Scaup - a new Irish breeding species Short-eared Owl and Hen Harrier records from Copeland Bird Observatory. Illustration type: Line Drawings, Map, 117pp. 1999

    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Identifying Our Owls DVD50% OFF
    Identifying Our Owls DVD -

    Provides complete coverage of all 13 species of European Owl. Narrated by TV presenter Iolo Williams.

    DVD £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Bill Oddie's Introduction to Birdwatching63% OFF
    Bill Oddie's Introduction to Birdwatching by Bill Oddie
    Paperback £4.75 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Watch the Birdie: The Life and Times of Richard and Cherry Kearton; Pioneers of Wildlife Photography38% OFF
    Watch the Birdie: The Life and Times of… by W R Mitchell

    This book is about "Nature Through the Lens", as seen by Dales born photographers Richard and Cherry Kearton. Their attempts to get close to wildlife led them to develop the type of 'hide' still in use today. The author delves into their past and explores the fascinating route which took them as far afield as Africa with an American President.

    Paperback £4.95 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • Brecklands Dawn Chorus18% OFF
    Brecklands Dawn Chorus by Andrew Flintham

    Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy 70 minutes of an unedited dawn chorus from the comfort of your own home. Recorded at 3.15am at the Devil's Punchbowl, one of several of the Breckland Meres situated in Norfolk, you can hear Blackbird, Robin, Chaffinch, Wren, Pigeon, Coot, Mallard, Little Grebe, Cuckoo, fox and deer.

    CD £8.95 RRP: £10.95Buy Now
  • Last of the Scottish Wildcats46% OFF
    Last of the Scottish Wildcats by Beckmann Visual Publishing

    Set in the breathtaking landscapes of the Cairngorms and the west coast of Scotland, this DVD video contains unique footage of Scottish wildcat, covering hunting, courtship and mating behaviour. Detailed interviews with leading authorities on the wildcat covering evolution and theats to the wildcats including habitat loss, human persecution, hybridising with domestic cats and conclusions for the future of the wildcat. Includes a four page colour booklet. Duration: 61 mins

    DVD £7.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • Collins New Naturalist; Partridges
    Collins New Naturalist; Partridges by G R Potts, Francis Buner

    In this groundbreaking addition to the New Naturalist series, Potts explores how mankind and partridges have evolved together, and how the long decline in partridge abundance has become a barometer for biodiversity over vast swathes of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Atanasovsko Lake; Status and Checklist90% OFF
    The Birds of Atanasovsko Lake; Status… by Tanyo Michev et al.

    Atanasovsko Lake is the richest ornithological site in Bulgaria. An enormous amount of data has been collected by a number of both foreign and Bulgarian ornithologists and birdwatchers. The main goal of this publication is to present the most important information in one single paper.

    Paperback £0.50 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Avifauna der Schweiz74% OFF
    Avifauna der Schweiz by Raffael Winkler

    An annotated list of Swiss birds including details of current status. Text in German with English and scientific names. Includes maps and histograms. 251pp. 1999

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £19.50Buy Now

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